Skizaak Utrecht sells all kinds of winter sports items both online and in the store. All products that are offered online are also available in our store, feel free to visit them to view them. The store is located at Herculesplein 25 in Utrecht.

In the online shop and in the shop you can find various skis, ski boots, ski poles, helmets, glasses, snowboards,      and bindings. The equipment we sell at Skizaak Utrecht is largely second-hand. In addition to second-hand items, we also have a range of new products in the Ski shop.

Renting  ski equipment in a winter sports area can of course be expensive. That is why it is possible to buy used (or new) skis at the Ski Shop. The second-hand skis cost only a fraction of the new price. We guarantee that every ski can be used for many holidays. In that respect, second-hand skis are a good investment.

Before we send the skis to our customers, they are always extensively checked. This is to guarantee that the equipment that lasts is of good quality, so we always guarantee wonderful skiing fun. If you rent or buy skis from us, we will always wax and sharpen them free of charge.

Our location

Our store is located right next to galgenwaard stadium at Herculesplein 25 in Utrecht. 

Easily accessible by car, bicycle or public transport! 

Car: the entrance to our store is directly adjacent to the parking lot at the main entrance of Stadion galgenwaard, here you can easily park. Parking costs are charged, you can pay these at the payment terminal or at the exit pole. 

Public transport: by tram you arrive at stop Stadion Galgenwaard, from here it is a 5-minute walk to our shop. By bus you can take bus 41, 8 or 6 (only on weekdays) to the stops herculesplein or galgenwaard. 

Bicycle: you can park the bike at the parking lot in front of the door. 



Our company in Utrecht used to be called Skihandel Utrecht. After a collaboration with Skihandel Heeze, Skizaak Utrecht continued independently as a ski shop. Since the last season, the company has been called Skizaak. Despite the fact that there are no other branches in the Netherlands, we are also known under the name Skizaak Utrecht. 

In addition to our range in the store and on our own website, we also supply materials to other companies such as H-Gsports and SKI-APK. In addition, we also sell our range via the second skis of the decathlon. Of course you are welcome to view our (ski) range digitally in this way.